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  • How do we book?
    - Download our app “Moofer” on Apple Appstore or Android Playstore and follow the instructions within the app.
    - Give us a ring on 0490 438 063 and we can help you to book through the phone.
  • How do I know which Moofer Package or size of truck to book?
    During the Moofer Package selection screen within the app, there are recommendations in each vehicle size to what type of move it is suitable for such as 1 Moofer & small van is recommended for studio apartment move and 2 Moofers & small truck is recommended for 1-2 bedroom sized apartment move etc.
  • How much do you charge?
    The charge depends on the type of Moofer Package that you choose. For example, 2 Moofers & Small Truck is $120/hr plus insurance cost. After the first hour, we charge by the minute thus you don’t get charged for the full hour if you didn’t use it.
  • How do I get charged?
    We only take credit card payment. When you have booked and the booking request has been accepted by the Moofer, you will be charged for the first hour and the insurance cost. At the end of the move, the remaining charge will be taken out of your credit card on file.

  • Can I cancel the job once it is accepted by the Moofer?
    Yes, if you have given us more than 24 hours of notice before the move, it will be free cancellation. Otherwise, there will be cancellation charge applied.
  • Are my items insured?
    Yes, there are extra insurance cost which are applied for each different type of moves. however, there are also certain items that our insurance do not cover. Please see excluded items for General Freight and Personal Effect.
  • What do I do if my items are damaged or missing?
    Please contact us directly and we can guide you through the process of claim.
  • Is there any charge for claiming insurance?
    Yes, there will be an excess fee of $500 for General Freight and $750 for Personal Effect. If the Moofer is found to be responsible for the lost or damage, He will be responsible for half of the excess cost.
  • What do I have to do prior to the move?
    Please make sure you have secured a parking spot for the truck as close as possible to the items that you want to move. Each additional distance will add up to the total duration of the move and total cost.
  •  Will I get notification of the Moofer’s movement?
    Yes. If you download our app and logged in to your account, you will get update starting from when Moofer is on the way, arrived, loaded, unloading and until the job is completed.
  • How do I give the Moofer a review?
    In the customer app, select the booking that is completed and under “Rate your Moofer” click on the stars and it will bring you to the review screen.